Saturday, 28 January 2012

Though still ill, we drove to some behind God's ass valley high up in the mountains to photograph the snow castles. Really cute. Somebody even did the Angry Birds scene. We didn't stay long, just about 400 shots or so, because I didn't want to risk getting worse. My tummy just stopped feeling like I have a chilly ten pound ostrige egg in it. The General followed me around, making sure I didn't get trampled or walled in, impersonating a popsicle. He was grumpy (of course he refused to wear double winter socks and three sweaters like other mortals) as his feet, hands and jaw froze. Then again I mentioned that we were only there for an hour and that's pretty much how the weather is when lately Drej and I walk our muts for twice as much *daily*. Men. Half the time on the field they're thinking about their lover's safety and the other half  about being neatly tucked in and snuggled, cushy warm. And possibly watching something with guns in it on the iPad. 

Would you look at that wooly mammoth?!! I'm talking of course about the baggie pendant.