Monday, 23 January 2012

Vid Valič & Denis Avdić stand up

I'm old, I admit it and I seem to be sporting a latent peepee infection, so about fifteen minutes before the show I was kind of wishing I didn't have to go, but the General only needs a hint of such behavior to call things off, so I wasn't going to admit to feeling poorly. It WAS a bit funny, though, to be in a full theater and sitting just by the door. I kept thinking what if someone dropped the chandelier or shot someone and all those crazy hysterical people would try to crawl over me… I am NOT fond of full theaters. If possible, I always sit in the front row and pretend I’m alone, if not invisible.

But the show was hilarious. Two and a half hours of laughing to sex, drugs and politics jokes (oddly enough those seem to always be the funniest) and mocking the showbiz colleagues. It’s so rare seeing the General laugh out loud and I am of course very easy to pee myself. You’d have to be there to get it, though I loved the remark about why do we seem to fear the gay so badly. Are the gay men ten feet tall, 400 pounds, hairy and bald, running around naked with their twelve inch erections in their hands, chasing random people in the streets screaming: BLOW ME!!??!... BLOW ME!!!! …

Although both were super funny, the little one, Avdić, was soooo good with dialects and mocking famous politicians... Though Valič's wish that women's orgasms were like the count-down traffic lights (he called them tiny personal New Years) instead of an endles mystical wanings and crescendos... That was uper funny, too :D At least to us, chicks.