Thursday, 12 January 2012

Salmon Fishing in Yemen

Finished reading Salmon Fishing in Yemen and of course it depressed me, because the book doesn't end well at all and I am such a sucker for happy endings that I am actually hoping for the movie to come from Hollywood and be a sort of a romantic comedy. I didn’t mind the old sheik dying – Drej warned me about that – but everyone else was a bit unexpected and quite disarming. Like in a proper novel, and this is probably what makes the book so good, you only got a glimpse of a bright, stolen moment, an excellent story, but before and after which the characters return to the murky current of the real life. I suppose the one who got out the least changed was the fuckup Wife. The rest suffered too much of a loss to ever be the same again. I thought in case of Harriet quite utterly pointlessly. Unlike sheik, who died in the best possible moment and possibly quite happy and at peace.

    Funny how I nearly died in a desert flash flood and didn’t even know it at the time :) Then again it was the desert – I probably nearly died of many things and didn’t know it at the time.

So, since movies don’t need to invoke catharsis, they can simply entertain and inspire and show pretty, pretty scenery, I am going to watch it only if someone assures me everyone (except the sheik and Mary) lives happily ever after. It’s just the sort of a dreamy person I am.

PS I came up with a recipe for pancakes last night and actually dreamed about it. General argued with me that they way I did it probably wouldn’t be very good, and in the dream everyone hated it, kept throwing it away, vomiting or having diarrhea, but to me it actually tasted really great – despite the fact it had a lot of fructal acid, which hurts like a bitch if I try to swallow.
    The pancake is called Biblioteca Corvinia and it’s made of five thin pancakes set into a sort of layered cake, first one painted purple and thin with blueberry jam (purple being regal color), second with chestnut mash 8because his eyes were brown), the third with bit of coconut powder, to remind of late march last frost on the fields, fourth with mild saffron jelly (that’s complicated, but trust me) and the last one, the top one, sprinkled with sweet lemon juice – to add that sort of bitterness that makes everything else for the better later on :D