Monday, 9 January 2012

Some things are ‘shoot me now’ and some things make you melt like toffee

I wonder if people realize, when they read things, how they've been written. Written and printed and set. Some of us still have the image of a deep dark room with a small, book-stuffed window and a large dripping candle in the winter evening (Right, Puškin?)… And of Gutenberg, setting his mighty print tiny letter by letter. And then authors mention their learned colleagues, doctors of literary science and other esteemed authors, and you think – this sounds so very far away from the notepad and pen most of us write like, feeling like schoolgirls…

    Well, let me tell you how we roll.
    I have learned colleagues; I have literary doctors of science for friends. We meet in pubs and discuss all the heavy worldly subjects, such as vibrators and crazy small dogs. Just last night the three of us sat down to work on a book cover. It was serious business and we got some very cool work done, see?. But this was in thorough lack of Siberian winters, decadent French pubs and/or fits of epilepsy or pistol duels. There was half a cake and a moment in which I pretended to try and hit people in the head with a pancake pan as she walked through the door, which nearly resulted in half the cake becoming half the coat. General has been napping up until then, but he hastily retreated to his den, saying you never know what three crazy, lusty artists would do to his unconscious body. A day before Drej complained  that our flat is so cold, when she turned on the cushy portable heater, just as it began radiating some warmth, I asked her to turn it off, as it got really hot and stuffy. Now they both came dressed for Siberia, but alas – the room was warm. So warm in fact that when we went to bed, General and I slept far away from one another, unused to such heat and stuffiness :D The dog was a bit uncomfortable also.

    There was lots of laughing, debating, teasing, provoking and puppy YouTube videos, while we watched the graphic design out of one of my old ‘this is the make-up I would like on a model, please’ summer sketches and Drej’s text. The way she does it is slightly annoying, because she just hits three keys and does some clicks and InDesign obeys her COMPLETELY, talking very smart graphic designer talk to which the rest of us usually reply: Ahhhhhh! And try to look wise and learned. Drej had the strenuous challenge of having to capture her novel in just three lines, while I had cake. All in all it was a funky old evening and we created a book cover. It’s one of those things that make you really grateful someone meanwhile invented friends. And posted puppy videos on YouTube.

Drej's book 'Explain love to me' (Pojasni mi Ljubezen) should be out in March. It's about a love triangle from the prespective of all three angles :) 

 And to top that, Drej and I coined our first mutual haiku today (during the doggie walk, wondering if we’ll have any snow this year at all)

Even the winter is in recession
I think to myself
And put on flip-flops.

And this cool things meant for paper are done. :D