Saturday, 7 July 2012

The making-of yesterday make-up book-shoot.... yeesh :D

The Viba Film studio, where we were... I've never been to a stage set before and when you see what a fake house looks like, being constructed, it's kinda surreal. Also, when it got really late and there were no more people auditioning or making movies, the place became a horror movie ghost house. I kept expecting to run into the Alien, trying to get coffee out of the vending machine.
Here are Klara and Nea ahead of me:))
 Nea, prepping Klara's face. Still quite a tranquil stage of the ordeal :)
 Highlighting and shadowing to make the face fundamentally flawless.
 Nye for the win!
 This looks incredibly creepy  O.o  I know I probably wouldn't ever do such a gesture. Dunno why. The very idea of my neck being this exposed i nowhere near comfortable enough to image :/ But of course Klara is a trooper.
 Mala Muca magic :D

 This is the stylist, Valentina Jarc. I liked her a lot :D

 The mentor, Tina Lasič Andrejevič, showing Romana B. Kramar how to puff up the hair, on the model Mateja Volf

 Romana Kramar and her muse, Mateja Volf, creating a Mortitia look
 Spraying lace via airbrush.
 Light test on a patient model :) We had to look around to look for colourful doors, to find other than white background while we hoped it will stop raining :))

 Light tests on Klara :)

 Romana retouching Mateja
 Nea body-painting Miha Geršič
 The second/upgraded styling on Mateja
  Valentina Jarc

 ... Still have to find out the name of this girl, she was positively lovely...
 Klara, found her favorite toy. Pia Ambrož in the wardrobe light...
 The insanely beautiful Pia

Nea with the ample energy, still after sundown, really really cool shoes (or murder weapons, depending on a situation) that we unfortunatelly didn't get a chance to use
and Martina Čerin doing make-up on a fellow make-up artist

Starting Klara all over again. Klara did three stylings yesterday. Nuts chick :)))

 The light test in almost no light :))
And a wrap :)