Wednesday, 18 July 2012

Shopping with family

Not really an ink-worthy happenstance on a regular work day, but I have to vent. 
         Don't get me wrong. I love my father. I am very proud of my mother. I have even developed an effective immunity to the unsubstantial condescending attitude of my sister's over these past few decades, but jesusfuckmewithapineappleintheear there are things I would rather suffer being a prisoner of gestapo than having spent the last two (two??!! It was only two??!! The other day when Nea and I talked four hours passed within twenty minutes!!) hours with my sis and dad.
          We aimed to purchase a new dress for mum, who was made for classy, elegant yet summery, playful clothes. Think an evening dress in a floral print with a thin, neat bolero over the arms. Perfect. And we did see many lovely things, even came very close to buying one at the start (there were some that were nice, but too cheap, some that were ridiculously pretencions, uselessly expensive but kinda cool in certain events ... Most things are of course made for models, but luckily mum is double 0. I know that by looking at the three of us that was hard to believe, considering dad, myself and my sis are all kind of small and chubby, but mum really is very elegantly lean. She even appears much taller, because she's so lanky. Also, she has a mane of long blond hair that she always puts up in an intricate do, which makes her look even taller. 
           Anyhoo... having three different opinions and a total clash of personalities - and also none of us really stands the others for any number of minutes prolonged past the first two - as soon as we started getting tired, the energies imploded and moods were shifting like a yo-yo. On one side my sister was telling me to fucking behave cause she's not in the mod for my drama, on the other dad was thanking me when I said I'll just smile and nod, on the third I really wanted to make sure they buy a lovely dress for mum... And the world of the shopping mall continued to buzz within my head.
          I came very prepared, so I was fed, watered, coffeed, read, kissed and on a fifteen minute interval phone calls from the General, who was telling me little funny stories... I also put some cool pictures of good looking men (Well, my husband and a cartoon of Theo) on my phone to get me through in between the calls. 
           On the up side, we did get a really nice outfit.
         Now that I am home... Good TV episode, a semi-tough sodoku, two full-wheat croissants, white chocolate and coconut ice-cream, a glass of cool coke, pinching all appendixes of my cat and all of the ears of my dog, a nap and shower may not re-jump-start my energy level. I am on the last page of my travel book.
            I think I am going to go count the stems of my lavender plant. They are nine so far. They were nine yesterday, too. I'm expecting progress by tomorrow. You're supposed to play Mozart to plants, right? Or was it Metallica? I lose focus with these things.