Monday, 9 July 2012


I have been reading religiously (okay, not best choice of words) through forums and debates about Prometheus to try and understand more about the film. I am convinced this is an incredibly genius movie, a candidate for my favorite, I just can't prove it yet. No way so many smart people working on it would simply make a crap product. There must be something I'm missing. Just gotta piece it in.
             For my sci-fi novel I wrote a scene in which the heroine is interviewed for the position of a captain and she's asked to list minuses regarding her personality. She says she has a tendency to find aliens erotic and would probably try to have sex with anything that invades her ship in open space. Truth is I am dying to get that hot Engineer who disperses his amino acids all over barren planet's number. I really wanna ask him out. I would call him Theo (short for Prometheo, obviously, although the original form of the word is promanthano, meaning the forethinker.) and he would say humans are boringly prone to call everyone God all the time and I would say yeah, we're kinda famous for it.

            Oddly enough, reading through these debates and discussions, and learning the word of the day, I have to note there's some part of me that's been favouring the theory - that most of our water probably came via taxi and that at some point somebody 'oops'ed a marble from one planet to the next and fertilised the globe, quite literally as a sperm would a ready egg. But I'll read some more upon that subject before I become a believer. I SO desperately want to start believing in something, but my brain keeps getting in the way.

              Mental note: what is the cubic volume of an average human and how large would the cargo hold of a ship in zero gravity have to be to piggyback humanity in case of a pinch?
              How many agregatic states are there? I know that the three classic ones hold the throne because their main feature is certainty that all things can easily go from onto the next; and plasma is the first runner up (as something between liquid and gas?) whereas I am having a problem with gelatin - being just between liquid and hard. It's a pastry chef thing.


Packie said...

Yea, I think I need to see it again ... suggestions on what to read or something before? I believe it is probably incredible and we are just missing something. :/ frustrating.

Pix said...

Same here. haven't found the article that would solve it, but they say their website is interesting to begin... Though - the issues we try to make time for, eh? :D I am certain there's solid purpose to these urges :D