Tuesday, 24 July 2012

Morning walk/coffee talks :D

These morning walks, followed by regular coffees with Drej are fast becoming my favorite social pastime. They are very real, mind, as often stuff happens during that is quite unpleasant – on one side a pair of crows fighting for half an hour and on the other a pair of poorly mannered teens watching a recording of their weekend party on their cheap phone at full volume – can be quite fucking off-putting. But coffees before us and a gentleman smoking a pipe behind us can be perfect. And then we talk, a lot :D

Today we talked about animals at first, about how hunters shot a bear today who ventured too close to the village and how that pisses some people off. Personally I think each and every one of these noisy people has never even seen a beat in their life and knows nothing about animal behavior or is speaking purely out of their arse, because a) Yes, we do impose on their territory and all animals always impose on others territory and you will never see a bear meet a wolf, because that’s blatant provocation. Bears know very well not to come close to people. If they continue to do so, it’s dangerous. Usually for a reason. B) If you had a  garden and a bear kept coming over, would you be the one to move? No. So until you are in that position, please don’t speak so generally. And c) before people started shooting bears, and other animals, there were just as many deaths by some other incredibly unpleasant factors (no, despite popular belief, before people arrived the world was not a shiny happy garden of Eden where all animals lived in harmony, devoid of illness and famine). Natural predators were just one of them. A lot more animals that are otherwise now shot by hunters, died of rabies, parasites, infections and starvation, as they were left behind by their pack for genetic deformation reasons. So please, people, before you start being loud about these conflicts, you are most welcomed to join the executive boards and propose a more fitting solutions for both parties. Hopefully a world in which we are all healthy and happy and each have an ideal living ground. Deal?

But that was just one part of the debate. The other was about life on other planets and Ridley Scott’s good description of the situation his ill-fated heroes find themselves in the latest movie. Looking for civilized life, running into some very uncivilized behavior. Read the post above on how we should behave should aliens ever come to visit us: