Thursday, 26 July 2012

The funny odd strange music across the street

Dunno since when, but certainly since my whole chapter of life titled “Conversations with Theo” began, I’ve started paying attention to a very odd sound happening in my street. For the first time ever since I’m an adult I am trying to look at the things I find fundamental, mathematical, biological, chemical and astrophysical and patch the cracks between them with something profound and benevolent. Not God, per say, because Theo isn’t technically speaking a deity and I’ve never really treated deities as anything more than coffee-time mates, but things that keep us up at night, staring at the wonder we cannot really see, we just love being overwhelmed, and what makes us build churches and temples so much and speak of spirit. Churches/temples/that shit are no more than banks, as we respect and worship money, or hospitals, which we need, or crown spots, which we go to to get our drivers licenses and marriage certificates … And yet they are everywhere, and always. And anyhoo, last night’s literary evening was at a nice, cushy little shop that sells spiritual stuff and I for once didn’t have my aloof cynical wall up while flipping through them, just because. But I digress.

So there is this noise. I can’t really explain it. It sound like somewhere across my street in the opposite building, in one of the apartments, is a child playing a flute. But it is always the exact same sequence of notes or at least eerily similar... Maybe, if I lean my head differently.. Uf, let me see if I can, ugh, try and write those down…  Music is really not my forte …

In the roughest sense it's something like: EEE4, Eb, E4, Eb, E4 -  Eb, F4, E4 (or D4), Eb...

This would sound like a child playing a flute, if it happened once and if it was within other noises. But it’s not. It’s just this sequence. Repeatedly. Sometimes there’s just one, other time it’s for an hour. Sometimes it just keeps playing. I can hear it now. I’ve heard it earlier before I put on the headphones to watch Ridley Scott interviews while the General sleeps. It is not a child, playing a flute or someone whistling. The noises, the tones never deviate. Ever.

My first theory was that it is mechanical, if not electrical. I was thinking perhaps a coffee machine in one of the places that makes coffee, when it’s blowing off steam, somewhere some pipe makes this noise come out in the street. Maybe it just comes out so that only I can hear it (well, no, not like that, I mean anyone standing by that specific window can hear it. I didn’t think I was hearing noises like THAT…). The other thought was that it was a traffic light that signals the position of the ramp or it’s hydraulics. Or something. Really, if I tried to follow it, I would lose it in certain angles. But the tricky bit is - I don’t want to find out what it is. Not really. Not because I would want to know what it is, it'll probably turn out to be something perfectly munbdane like a phone or something... I just never want it to stop. I want to find out what it is because I want to make sure it never stops.I want to be hearing this bizarre constant in all the years that I live in this street.