Wednesday, 18 July 2012

The Fibonacci Project

More perfect than Helvetica :D

I am fully aware this is not an original idea, not by any standards, but inspired by the principles of the Fibonacci rules to beauty, i have taken some of my old photographs and attempted to find symmetry in them... Often, quite often I try to take the most straight shot of the on-face portrait, but now, looking through the films, I notice people almost never ever hold their heads straight. That's one. The other is that almost never ever is light exactly the same. And the third, of course - there is something oddly disturbing in flawless symmetry. As fundamentally attractive it is supposed to be, it also makes me dizzy. 

In these three (flawed, granted, as they were made for different purposes), pics, I've tried copying the right and left sides of the models' faces. The original face is in the middle. Sometimes the light and shadows make it more artistic than scientific, but fuck it. I still think it's awesome to see what becomes of such a simple render :D