Tuesday, 3 July 2012

Well, this was quite an evening. First I nearly had a heart attack because the tax office is freezing all my assets because I am supposed to owe them some lame amount - something as it turns out I paid months ago... Then I go negotiate my book-reading evening in my hubby's home town literary society and I am asked to join their seven-man executive council. Not sure how that happened, someone recommended me after reading my book. And me being me, I instantly grabbed the opportunity to become their almanac editor-in-chief. They said they want young blood, I'll give them young blood. And Ape mailed me a thank-you package full of make-up, chocolate and Starbucks coffee. Wow, man. Minus my tax office/money problems and the cat trying to rip out my glands, my life is kind of sweet today - and that's saying a lot considering it's a full moon and my first day of period. Except for the fact it's eleven p.m., I am naked, just showered, wet hair, ventilation full on, windows all opened, drinking cold lemonade and I am still melting.