Thursday, 26 July 2012

The second literary evening

I am getting better at these. I am much less nervous and I read slower and don't deviate so much. I mean, not that Ii wasn't flawless the first time, but I am even better now :))))

This time we were guests at a small, very nice book store in Ljubljana, so I only took half my entourage - Tamara for moral support and miscellaneous errands, such as making sure my make-up isn't a mess and that Marki isn't left idle... Maruša and Eva, my lovely dancers, Alenka the flute player, who is getting more adult and beautiful every day, and myself. Klara who was doing the logistics and organising got cut off and left behind - and I DID get a very strong "Leave NO BOOk Behind!" vibe, but that was just me panicking. The people of my distribution agency Primus adopted us from the train station, making sure I didn't freak out and run away. All in all, although people were far less than the first time, it was very cool. these were all strangers, no family, no friends, and they were asking me questions and engaging me in dialogue and showing me praise and stuff that makes all the horror worth while. I am still dreadfully uncomfortable on the inside during all these things, but I always pretend to be speaking just to the General and then I'm okay. He still couldn't come due to his work and injury, but we did have such nasty 'break a leg' sex before I took off that I bit hard through the part beneath my lip and had to wear a ton of lipstick to cover it up. :D

Tamara took the photos and kept me calm - thank you, darling! - whereas also special thanks to the owners of the Bookstore Now, Zdaj, and to the cool folks at Primus. And of course my girls from the ensemble. 

 From right to left: The owner Saša, a Primus lady Mirela, and their friends, lovely ladies who spoke very fondly of fantasy books and adventure fiction and whom I liked a lot.
 Me in the center of attention and later on, goofing in front of Tamara to make her job harder

 The fire dancers Maruša and Eva
 Always perfect Alenka. Damn her perfect body and long, naturally rich brown heavy hair :P :)))
 The bookie and praise :D There was also a sunflower near by, but I ate that.


Anonymous said...

There was also a sunflower near by, but I ate that. ... nice

Claire. said...

Ffs! Look at yourself! You are gorgeous!! So happy for you!*

Pix said...

Yeeeeeah :D It's just how I roll :D :P :D

Packie said...

CONGRATS! :) I hope you are still doing them by the time I come around to visit again!