Tuesday, 7 January 2014

A funny story

LoL: someone sent me a photo of my ex husband when he was young on my email this morning. Their email name was bogus, created especially for this occasion. No idea if the photo was even mine or someone completely else'. Doesn't look like mine. He was still a kid on it. But I say funny, because why anyone would bother to do that. I mean, to what end ? The mail didn't say anything. It was quite purposefully anonymous. If someone who mildly knows me would want to rattle me, they would probably get more rattle by sending me a photo of my dog or something. Then I'd feel odd. But if this is someone who doesn't know me and they just want to see my reaction... erm... That's a little late in the timeline. Like, five or six years late. What the fuck would I make of an old photo? It's a cute photo. He was in his pegs period. That's a good movie, on a poster behind him, too. But I didn't see it, cause it's a bit sad. Anyways. Odd people sending me odd emails, beware: there has to be a really clear message attached to it, a threat or a coffee invitation, because I am too dumb to interpret it otherwise.