Monday, 6 January 2014


Found this on a FB link - a bunch of pickies to remind us where we come from.. here are just a few.... I didn't look for these, I swear, whoever posted them got them exact :D

From pre-school to the end of eight grade - the same indestructable metal mugs, full of warm blueberry juice or Divka :D

Two chewing gums that would melt your teeth, but made the best balloons ever!

The vanilla, strawberry and chocolate ice-cream in a paper wrap! Family delight!!

My first cell!

We had this phone for ages!

I still have this toy register somewhere...

Excellent candy... Only in museums now, i think :,(

Oh, containers for the hazelnut/ milk paste!

Had these exact shoes in primary school. Mum and dad bought me a lot nicer ones, but I was asked not to stand out. The good old days of equality..

Yup, the feared goat. Hated this in gym. Never did manage to conquer it.Gave it a few good humpings, though, unintentionally

Has a million of these crayons. they were the best.

Živ Žav!! This was a whole block of cartoons or kids movies every sunday morning!! They made it especially alluring after New Years, so that kids would watch and adults could sleep longer...

Super granny!!!

Ahh, this is Esmeralda, I think, the only person to ever get more audience than the Pope in this land, though I could remember even longer ago and I would have said The Slave Isaura, my first soap.

Video tapes! :D This was exactly my workplace for a few cool years

Icecream balls :D Or frozen whipped cream. Whichever!

My first discman. I had this exact model.

Pingo juice! 2% of whatever natural and the rest ... I don't know, but everyone had these on field trips and the alluminum was so thick and the straws so soft, hardly anyone ever got to drink them

Chewing gum cigarettes! Ooooh, we were so cool when we 'smoked' these. I'm talking John travolta Greese cool.