Tuesday, 28 January 2014

"We love this color but can you change it?"

Every time I submit early sketches to a client, I get that sinking feeling in my stomach… that… »Advance has been paid, but this isn't what we wanted, give us the money back…« Too often (in the early days, when I was young and naive), I would be hired only because I was very cheap. Well, yes, I could draw, obviously, but what they wanted was for me to copy someone they couldn't afford. I wouldn't know that, so through the elimination process of my designs, we would come full circle. I would be fired for refusing to rip off and they would find someone cheaper still.
There really is no knowing what the customer will say when you submit the pencilwork. They could love it or hate it, but the worst version is, they say 'we love it, but could you move the character to this side, change the pose, remove the broom, different colour hair and her eyes need to look in that direction…' Well… that kind of makes no sense in regard to the poem. 'Yes, well, it's just how we've always seen it in our heads..'
Some people don't trust the illustrator to do the illustrations; they just want their own designs translated to paper by a hand that can hold the pen. I don't fucking mind that, just tell me so a week before I start brainstorming original ideas.

‘Send’ hit.
… And now we wait.