Monday, 6 January 2014

To goose or not to goose... That is the pickle now.

Been fucking around with this line all night… It's just cause i'm writing again and the concepts are hacking one over another to get my attention. This is from Goose, which I haven't been considering until, say, three a.m. tonight. In this version of the prologue, the scene contains (don't ask me how just yet), Paper, Lewis, Semper, Mary, Ibnzahi, Neggings, Murphy (though that is not stressed), and mayhap some other odd creatures of sticky fable..
Here it is, mostly, rollingly:

I did not see this then, for to me they all rang inspiring, but at that time they were all characters of children stories, of young adult adventure fiction; Only later would they solidify in the material of harsh reality, agents of nightmares, a cautionary tale and of what you might call difficult lore.