Friday, 17 January 2014

Nothing interesting has happened to me in almost three days. Plenty really nice stuff and some not so nice, but nothing really interesting. I had an excellent dream. There were pirates in it, the cool, sexy, Himalayan type. River boats. On baby Ganges. That was interesting, but dreams don’t count. My eyesight had improved – the diet (no make-up, avoiding bright lights, etcetera…) worked, of course. G said it would. Last weekend we went to the shooting range and I was left alone to play with handguns – but I couldn’t see properly. Hardly hit anything at all. It wasn’t worth the noise, although I now known I far prefer a 9mm Glock to a 9mm Beretta, because the later kicks like a bitch and the former hardly. The shorter barrel makes for more noise, but that’s something simple ear protection would cure :) I saw a couple of movies and a couple of shows. Nothing outstanding. Maybe 3x03 Sherlock. That was kind of awesome, still. Watched the ending to Ender’s game and thought how would a single egg save a whole species, but, as it turns out, it is possible for the queen to deliver the eggs and then feed them herself into drones. Et voila. A new hive. This is good to know. In case I ever need to jumpstart an alien nation based on ants.
Made a few more acquaintances, heard a few more stories; got a few more numbers. Couple more projects have asked me to tag along, which is something I thrive on. Am about to start working on a new payable one, even. That may turn out wonderful. (Fingers crossed, there.) Saw a couple cool videos, lots of amazing photographs of old, and thought of a noniptih of my own – a 3x3 series of photographs that I would love to take, but the people I want to photograph are shy and will take some convincing to get down to business. Already got the permission from the General, always a step one, and have booked a steady assistant. These things are important, when photographing hot subjects. Reading.