Friday, 10 January 2014

Another ex in-law..

Well, this is getting stupid.. If some higher force is trying to prepare me for an impending encounter, all i have to say is… Get an update, force. No longer a deal. Today, I ran into my ex mother in law. I will explain why this is so … well… stupid. This lady hated me my entire marriage. When she learnt we got married, she wept into her daughter's room, saying she wants to die. She was very relieved when she found out we are getting a divorce. The weirdest thing is, every time she would see me in town later on, she would give me really dirty looks. At least… I thought she did.
                She caught me in the movie theater restroom today. I was just coming out and she was just coming in and for a very odd second my brain didn't connect – same as it didn't with greeting her spouse a few weeks back. I saw an old lady I vaguely recognized, but wasn't sure she was anyone important. She smells the same my ex did, though, so I tensed up and was about to leave with but a courtesy 'good evening'. But then *she* took another look and recognized me. Holy fuck! The amount of excited friendliness that woman struck me with all of the sudden?! We shook hands, she started asking me a million questions like we've been BFFs since we met! She's heard I wrote a book. Remarried. Am I working here now??!.. I almost told her about the kids. This went on for fifteen minutes. I told her to just go in, free of charge and she texted on her phone vehemently while I served other costumers. She made me write down the titles of all my books and we compared our taste in movies.. She promised to come back many, many times.
Seriously. WTF?
Dunno what to say to you, lady… You woke up one morning and realized I wasn't married by him out of pity, as you told people, after all?


Packie said...

Are you working at the movie theater now?

Pix said...

I am :D How cool is that? :D