Friday, 24 January 2014

Update overdue...

Sorry no updates du jour... I'm busy and rich (half of this statement is a ha ha joke), but by no means lacking stories :D ... I've seen some good movies and found even more similarities between Gorgi and Ender's game. For fuckssakes :S
... Some inner turmoil, some anger, some sadness, some predicament whether to expose a snake or just stay out of it, at least until provoked. Dunno. I'm not much for family bullshit. there's enough of that as it is.
 I did my first "just walk up to a stranger and invite them to pose for me" thingie... I was pretty nervous before it occurred, just some lovely girl in a restaurant, but after I interrupted the conversation between her and her friend, saying "Don't get scared, haha, but I am a photographer and if you ever consider posing for a portrait, here is my card..." and she looked at the card and replied: "Eve of Cleves? I've heard of you! Thank you!"...
Whoa. This totally didn't go as badly as I had feared..

A big and tricky photo shoot tomorrow,... We'll see what that turns out like. Considering, I will be the only make up artist and hairdresser on the set... We'll see. Lots of wet snow fell. Roads might be tricky. And sticky. Sticky tricks. Tricky sticks.

Long day. Better go sleepy sleeps.