Monday, 13 January 2014

True Detective

Watching the new (finally, fuck!) HBO crime, kind of like The Bridge, kind of like The Killing. Some of the same elements - one really odd, but ultimately central character, a really really impressive portrayal of the place where they're at, a big shuffle of who's bad, who's good and who's just vastly grey. I find the dialogue to be remarkable and the interaction between the two leads even more so. Gods, I hope this show doesn't go south the way the previous two did. Both aforementioned started so well, their pilots respectively, were amazing. The rest... not so much. But I was watching the Good Wife earlier, "We, the juries", laughing, now I saw this one. Yesterday I tried watching Helix, but that gave me nightmares and it wasn't really very intellectual. Perhaps Hannibal was this good, first seen. Lots of deep digging here, too. Anthropology, meth, infidelity, old shit improperly investigated, coming together, pieces of the puzzle fitting, when they shouldn't be... suspicion of protagonists actually being antagonists.. Excellent, excellent mess of things.
     I hate having to wait the whole week for the next episode. Why do I do this to myself? I always tell myself to wait until the season is over and then just see it all in one go. But noo.
     Pleasure delaying is a bitch.