Wednesday, 22 October 2014

Been a long day. Started bad, been bumpy, ended oddly endearingly. I have zero discipline when I decide to shun my lover and ignore him, because usually after an hour I am at the gates of his workplace, tearful, in the rain, holding the dog leash in one hand (dog howling  in protest of icy rain) and a pink cake in the other. But, even though he would never admit his side of the argument, he bought me a book, which is code for: I'm sorry for being a dick, I was tired and you were right. thank you for being mine. 
It's a good book. I'll have plenty now to read during the X-mas fair. I submitted the paperwork today, fingers crossed they don't give me the 'fuck you' for being noisy last year. If i get in, I'll be noisy this year also. But I'll be freezing and stuck in a tiny hut in the middle of the street, selling hauntingly undervalued pieces of illustration, some may even call it art, so no complaints there :D Life can be good.
Photographed a teen dance recital, which was actually adorable. It lasted 50 minutes and I shot through two memory cards like nothing barely looking up from the camera. My focus remains so dense I actually feel all my muscles stuck in the tensed up position. Also, I spoke to a guy I would love for my 'postman' interview today. And I am booked back to back with five appointments tomorrow. On the plus side, there will be chai latte and am getting published in NG. On minus, the weather has turned cold and my favorite shoes are no longer appropriate. They shall be missed :(
Haha, and the President came to the retirement home my gran is staying in and the old folk booed him :D Respect!

Here are some of the kids pics.  Show was called TV Adventure. 'Tis about a girl who falls asleep in front of the TV and then dreams various shows and newscasts and videos...