Sunday, 12 October 2014

Gone girl (spoiler heavy)

Holy fuck. What a movie. maybe not the best choice in my queasy condition. I mean, I think Neal Patrick Harris is godawfully gross, but he didn't deserve this. Well, at least the cat survives.

I gotsta admit, I was scared thorough this whole movie. I was afraid thorough the most of Gravity, too, but there at least you feel good about everything at the end. I was scared shitless thorough here. At first I started to really worry this lady was long dead and nobody noticed. Then the movie turns and (it turns three times) I was completely relocated, hat to start to worry anew. Loved it how she got fat and bland. That didn't work either. I always knew she was going to kill her idiot rich groupie, but, aw, man. That was soooo not cool. But that scene, where she returns to her husband, all covered in blood, that was a work of art. And then so on and so forth, until the ugly non-end. There's a scene in it, towards the end, in which the husband sits awake at night, with the cat, staring at the locked door of his room. Scared shitless. I know how he felt. (I mean, watching the movie. Not being married to a complete and total lunatic :D :)