Sunday, 5 October 2014

Though conflicted summat fierce, about whether or not I would go uphill to assist the ancestors in the grapevine harvest, I did go, feeling sorry for dad and oddly enough, though they make me feel uncomfortable always, I enjoy gathering the grapes. It is annoyingly lengthily effort, especially this year, when the grapes are poor, but I like to be alone and just pick them. It was fine yesterday, though it took a long time and when we got home around six p.m., I was so tired I simply fell into bed and slept for twelve hours. This morning dad called me to go vote, but once we got there, I didn’t know who to vote and dad got upset with me when I refused to do it, so I walked away and just walked uphill very early on. There I just took the buckets and the snip scissors and went at the red grapes, two hours ahead of others. It was very peaceful and my favourite conditions: foggy and cold. Parents were slightly more annoying this time around, mocking me pretty much for everything I said to other people that they overheard, but the General was always close by and I am oddly immune to their strange distaste for me. It’s funny how the food they make for everyone to me doesn’t taste very good anymore either. Many people were there, each a character in this labourous affair, even some pleasant conversation. I like my elder brother and his wife; they are unusually no-nonsense people for this family.
Tonight I finally had a shower, but was too tired to go to the movies and I hope not to miss Gone Girl as I did Magic in Moonlight. Watching ‘Call the Midwife’, fantasizing about the third season of Newsroom and laughing at the people who are going into politics, having failed as culture workers. I’m mentally adding people to my list of folk I want to interview, solidifying my intention. I don’t know where I stand on my position, regarding them, yet. But slowly and surely, I am getting there. At times it feels like I am climbing a ridge and I think I know what lays ahead, but when I get closer to the belleview, the scene completely shakes my sense of orientation.
My brother said he disapproves deeply of what we do to nature – dam-ing the rivers, ploughing fields, planting things… Funny how I always felt the same way, it just never until now occurred to me it is an option for a modern individual to think like so.