Friday, 17 October 2014

Post sick

This bug was the funniest thing. I've never been hit that hard with an illness that I can remember. It's taking for ever to get out of it and that's peculiar in itself - like it shifted something in my mood. Of course getting the period right after you've gotten over a stomach bug isn't helping, but ... I've noticed I've been getting into random arguments with retards over the FB, for no reason. I keep writing something completely unimportant, getting replied in awful ways by strangers with zero understanding of anything and then I feel upset about it. And I do this five times a day. The closest, I think, could be the reason, for this odd subconscious masochism, is that it gets my blood really going and in an odd, oddly physical sense, I want to keep the blood circulated. I can't really go out and jog, as it would probably make me sick. It feel not good when I walk. My brain isn't getting enough oxygen and I have a hard time concentrating. Can't really do much of anything. Can't really watch anything either. Stuff feels detached. I ask myself - why would I want to do stuff anyway?

Like I said, being sick is the weirdest thing on morale.

The irony of it all is that I really feel like eating vitamins, apples and oranges and whatnot, but as soon as I do, my potty issues return. If I eat chocolate and carbs, I get to keep it in. Very tricky.