Thursday, 9 October 2014

Rotavirus :(

Down with a stomach flu for the first time ever. No idea how or why it found me so fiercely, but what I can count is all the times I've ever vomited - my body doesn't let go of the food that easily: once, when I was very little and I got a pate poisoning, later, when I was 18 and drank all the champagne my parents bought me and threw it all up; later still, when I tried Long Island Ice Tea and same story and last, in Morocco, when I got poisoned, either intentionally or accidentally in a shoe shop. And tonight. I gets such spasms I'm seeing double for a while.

Tell you one thing, though. The only way to fly through a stomach flue is on the Controloc (pantaprazol) medication - the anti-acid-reflux... My diarrhetic butt would have been half melted by now from everything that keeps coming out and this vomiting thing - it's just saliva and water. No acid. It doesn't even hurt my throat. If, upon everything else, I also had an over-flow of acid, this whole ordeal would have sucked twice worse.