Sunday, 20 September 2015

AAAAAARRR... The General is back on his graveyard shift... Aaaaaarrrr.. I didn't get ANYTHING done that week, anything! I am unusually sprite at the moment, considering we've been getting grapes in buckets for the past four days (done now, thank ye gods), but I am always sprite in the middle of the night right up until the point when he exits the house and I open the file and start typ..........

Yup. Nah. Blank. Will do it later. After a good sleep.
... Which also, obviously, shatters my tempo. Am 136 pages in. I did write down the short story version of introducing Qashkei, though, while catsitting Drej's paw paw. The previous version didn't sit well after the two big depression sequences already placed. (That's quite enough of existential crisis'.) When this story was original set, it was meant to show how Kay purposefully places herself into a nightmare to suffer there, but now it works better a funny, adventurous nightmare. I'm halfway through. I may try to write it tonight, after G leaves for work..

....Riiiiiigh :D Funny lady.