Saturday, 26 September 2015

Been feeling oddly under the weather, but not in any specific sense - I just sleep, a lot. Sleep, get up, go pee, brush my teeth, drink something, go back to bed. get up, go to the library, get some food, go back to sleep. Get up, watch some YouTube, drink something, go back to sleep. I can tell I'm not a 100%, am just glad there's no pain of snot to it. 

I'm dreaming a lot about the movie Everest. I'm thinking - so it isn't really hard to climb it per say, like you would have to do some actual rock climbing, it's just walking and a couple of ladders ... in an environment where you are drowning, freezing and suffocating at the same time while hallucinating. 

I truly do not comprehend men's need for accomplishment to want to die this way. Be a Doctor Without Borders or be a teacher in Malaysia or be a cop that battles Taiwan sex trafficking of children... THAT's what will make you a hero. Not a fucking conqueror of a pile of frozen stones, after you've paid a Sherpa to basically carry you up. People can be really fucking dumb.

Rob Hall's daughter is also a climber.
Just fucking shoot me now.