Tuesday, 15 September 2015

Thinking I am going to leave the second chapter of the three for last, as it is the most scattered and least purposeful at this stage - and also because it is easier to get the ending out of the way and then go wild with the fun middle part as opposed to the other way around. The middle is meant to show just how nuts and awesome the Pagans can be when they want to, but the end chapter sort of slows down again to gets to the philosophy and decision-making consequences. mental note to leave some closure and shoes dropping for last. My predicament of what to do with all those talks between Murphy and Kay is somewhat - not entirely yet - but somewhat settled and to a degree I've done their scene at the end of chapter one. My brain so so wired, I feel like I have so many juggling balls up in the air, that almost all the trivial thoughts I think during the day bounce off some ideas. 

Does this passage makes any sense? I don't know. I am so sleepy.