Sunday, 6 September 2015

Actually had a pleasant day uphill, over family lunch. A precious, rare occurrence. Mum and I went around to get fruit from gran... Can it be that indeed the shorter our stays, the more genuinely, urgently loving they are? Naa, surely it is a coincidence that if I stay for more than an hour, we always get into a gruesome name-calling and bickering and over-all unpleasantness ... Surely it must be.

The General is on the grave-yard shift and I am on the 136th page of the first chapter and the part where things are supposed to start finally improving for Kay. She is told to find her own footing and get a lot smarter (and, in a way, given an estate on which to rebuild her mistakes). She is now ready to emerge with a vengeance. So, things are supposed to return from angst to comedy. And adventure. I'm still deciding whether to include some of the old stories, some of the interviews, to show how quirky she can be... But then I have yet two major conundrums to crack: all of Morpheus' best lines have already been taken by his heir and what is the point of all this to begin with? Alright, so they are pagans and they could be mighty when they choose not to, but what they really need is that other shoe dropping that will make the readers shit themselves when they realize what it is they've just read. 

Gotsta come up with just those two kicks. Just those two. And then it'll be a cool book.

Did I mention Robert Galbraith, a young-soldier-turned-writer sold only 1500 hard copies of Cuckoo's Calling until the publicist "incidentally leaked" that's actually J.K. Rawling's latest book? I am 34th on the waiting list in the library, translated into a language that's about 204th on the list of popular languages on the planet. Just saying. Good or bad book, I am fucked.