Tuesday, 8 September 2015

I put the edited-so-far pages of Goose into the InDesign layout, just to see what sort of a font I'll want or what format (I like.big.books.and I cannot lie...hammer-time!) and I'm 223 pages in by those standards. This is going to be one mother of a tome. I love it when people tell me to write something a 100 pages long. That's not a book, that's a love letter. 

These days' challenge is writing the one scene in which the General makes an appearance and it has to be written so that you believe that this is a guy above others. Sure, I can write lines such as:
 You did not refuse an invitation from a man who looked like Seti Sepp SUN, unless he happened  to be advancing on you with a running chain saw and even then a part of your brain was like: heck it, I gotsta go some time… 
...But it's a *show, don't tell* sort of a narrative, so it would be amateurish to expect a reader to take my word for it, just because I hammer it in.