Tuesday, 1 September 2015

Looking forward to this ... Macbeth 2015

I've heard some very bad reviews of this movie and some praise, but mostly I think, though not everybody's thing, this type of storytelling appeals to me greatly. The criticism, that the production is awfully cheap, that they live in a TENT, that there is no style of fashion, that the actors mumble all the time... I have a feeling the critics who wrote this didn't really understand what they were in for. Okay, I haven't seen it yet, but the way it's described and from the trailers, I'd say the production wasn't only very expensive but also completely spot-on. The loneliness, the barren wasteland, the fog, the blood-stained future - all of that looks perfect for this story, which is not a story at all but a nightmare. Sure, it can get pretentious and aloof very quickly, and still -the people who praise Kenneth Branagh's Shakespeare interpretations will not like this. Personally I think to each their own - I liked Luhrman's Romeo and Juliette, because it was hysterical and it showed how passions destroy lives; I liked Tom Stoppad's Rosencrantz & Guildenstern Are Dead (Hamlet), because it shows how there is nothing you can do to battle fate, there are just too many cogs, and this one looks like a lesson in what happens when you isolate yourself to follow a wanton ambition that can never make you happy, or good, nor safe. The man and his wife screw up masterfully, though of course if I were them, I'd face fuck the three witches for meddling. Or were they an illness of the mind to begin with?