Tuesday, 29 September 2015

Spent the last two days writing about ice giants - from the moment Kay finds Loki Laufeyson in a form of a cursed pebble, to fucking his father, to the scene in which Belgermir the Cruel Striker breaks the seismic plume of Iceland in order to get the volcanoes going to commit suicide in a way only an ice god would. I'll break that last scene in two, because I want to keep his dying speech for later. So far I've just focused on describing the beauty of Iceland and how pissed off volcanoes can be.

I had another photos related shit this morning, just to put me in a right mood for these scenes: That is exactly how a volcano feels. Hekla under a glacier. If I had a nickel for ever shitty dealing with people, I would already own that sweet wide-angle 2.0.

I forced myself to look at pictures of incredibly cute animals.
Like, what the fuck is this??