Tuesday, 6 March 2018

A restful day ... Well, I walked around some shops with hiking gear and that garnered me 17.000 steps and four Pokemon eggs hatched. I wore my old boots so as to give the foot a chance to rest, before realising the sole on one is flapping off. No matter. It was adorable. One of my biggest worries - more a paranoia than an actual concern - is I will lose my toenails from improper footwear and excessive pounding of the toes against a too hard and too small toe box. They hurt yesterday, so I was taking it easy. I also oddly lowered my core temperature during the hike, being out in such cold for so long, so I couldn't get properly warm for most of the day. Plus I fell asleep for my afternoon nap at four and woke up at midnight. :D

The funny moment was, when I walked into a stationary store to check out some new Moleskins and sketching journals I totally don't need but absolutely must have (though luckily can't afford and General said he'll buy them for me the minute I fill up the 40 or so empty journals and notebooks I have... He just doesn't understand.) and saw the cutest fucking backpacks ever - hipster overload, soooo posh. I hugged one and thought: I could so totally work this as a hiking bag. Nevermind it's a school bag. I wish I had a photo. It was so adorable. It was what a cool kid would wear.

I also found a really really ugly Russian-made 250 g daypack, 25 liters, waterproof, virtually ideal for what I'm looking for. But ugly. And it cost, like, 20 bucks, not even that, whereas the hipster roll-down-the-top-and-faux-leather-straps cost three times that.

It's hard. Real hard. Do you go with utterly useless but incredibly cool-looking shit, or do you buy shit you will actually be able to use out in the field? It's just so hard.