Wednesday, 21 March 2018

UTI is not leaving as dramatically as I would have hoped; but that's probably on me - I gave that little fucker more than enough time to settle in and develop a defence strategy ... On the plus side - it's been so very cold and bleak outside, I'm not even rushing it. It's gonna be in the sub-zeroes 'till the rest of the week. I miss the comfort of being cold. But that'll teach me to underestimate an infection. 

We've been narrowing down the kid's college interests yestereve. It roused my ambition to finish college - archaeology of course - but if only I was a lot smarter, consistent and had money to waste. And didn't know the kind of depressing jobs that await at the end of that effort ... All the good ones are away f--

Actually, I suppose ...

Hmm ..

Hmmmmmmmm ...

'Twas equinox last night. dDidi's birthday is around these days - 23rd or 27th, but I no longer remember exactly when. 


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