Sunday, 25 March 2018

Tomb-raiding and stuff..

MyMaja gave me another yoyo, having broken mine a little while back, and we've insisted on going to the movies since we haven't been in ages and the rules state it's not the quality of the movie that counts, it's the popcorn. G joined us. We watched the latest Tomb raider of which I can say - if you can appreciate how cute and committed to the role Mrs. Fassbender is, then it's watchable. The rest is really stupid. In fact, it's really dull, for an action-packed movie. That's some ghastly editing/directing right there. Matched only by some truly bad storytelling/writing. 

But she's super lovely.

Today I made a few rounds chasing the Pokies, a brand new one popped up, at some point the XP started coming three-fold. I even met one of my nemeses! Rockstar's been asking me about this. I know they've been lazy before I arrived - the gyms were manned by truly lame levels. Now it's game on. the almost-encounter was so nerdy: I neared a gym of my colour, when all of a sudden it turns red and two hefty pokies are suddenly inside. I notice I teeny tiny chubby girl in a parka the colour of raspberry ice-cream. I shout at her, as if "Come on!" and she puts her little head down, hurries away and vanishes out of sight. I see her later, doing my exact route, probably off to throw all my gyms off my colour, all my effort :D I have to make sure to educate her: I'm not really as scary as my legend would have it. Poor kids :D Haunted by a crazy old beagle-walking lady :D 

It's mother's day, so we purchased loads of plants and drove them to all our mothers. Still hardly any sign of spring. But the bees are doing great, all of them just fine - despite absurd drops, rises and again drops in temperature of late.