Tuesday, 13 March 2018

.. some of Annihilation ..

Ye, watching Annihilation, slowly. I gotsta wreen it, because I need to know more about the weird shit and am hoping the book will be all about it. I will say it skims the subtle balance between that shit that is terrifying and so very attractive at the same time - mutation, permutation, parasitic growth, fungi, malignant mosses, mould, root systems.. and my favourite - spores. All that stuff is very very bad in nature. To humans, I mean. Half of it will kill you and half of it will eat you alive - but half the time neither of you will know it's what's happening. 

It is an impossibly tricky confliction between wanting to explore the shimmering unknown and knowing you are utterly and completely fucked if you dare. Like Stalker, really. Minus the payoff.

Is it just me or do scientists get eaten A LOT?