Saturday, 24 March 2018

Tried joining a public trash-picking effort today, so as to help clean the town and park, but I didn't last long. Only five people showed up, so it was an endless drag, and I've seen all the human excrement, needles, condoms and filthy nose-wipes I care to see for a little while. My stomach was turning and I hid and fled after an hour. The notion of the community was decent, but if no-one shows up, it just doesn't work. There needs to be a sense of camaraderie to it, inspiring people to pick up litter. This way I just looked like a weird old lady with a trash bag and a dog chasing candy wrappers. 

To reward me for good intentions, the Universe sent me two out of two of my (not really :D ) dream threesome males to cross my path on the exact same bridge at the exact same time. The odds of that were impossible. One of them was waiting for the trash-picking event to begin, to report it, and I told him it's unlikely coming; the other came the other direction, taking his work children to play in the park. I was there, chasing Pokemonsies. Same bridge same time. Really, what were the odds? :D 

But in truth, my imagination already stretched as tight as a wire, what I wanted more than anything was to go home, wash my hand a couple more times (I stopped at the requirement home to wash them a few times already, then disinfect them and wash them again - despite we were given gloves)... and take a loooong shower. LONG. And I don't even like water. 

Then I crawled into bed with the sleeping General, told him about the failed trash-picking and the odds of the dream threesome and he would have probably killed me, but was too comfy and lazy so we just passed out and snored until lunch time. 

Still no sign of spring. I think I am getting depressed just a tiny whee little. I mean, I'm happy and naughty and perky and all, but... it feels more like wishful thinking than a spontaneous cheer that otherwise occurs when it's sunny and the world is full of colours.