Saturday, 3 March 2018

It's still around zero. The snow is said to thaw in the coming days, rain incoming and warmer - Marchy weather, so I wanna make the most of the snow and am planning a slightly longer hike tomorrow - knowing myself it will take me all the daylight hours ... The question is, do I take the camera with me? Argument against: I don't want to chance it getting a cold (battery can die like THAT and I can't afford a new one, they cost a fuckload.) 

Arguments for ....  Why the heck have a camera if you're not gonna be using it? It's literally it's only job.

I wanna make these cute cards, with texts informing hikers of the places - random and simply cute-like. Photos, photoshopped into watercolor mode...  (As I am too lazy to do actual watercolor :D )