Saturday, 17 March 2018

... aaaaaaaaaaaaaand the UTI comes back to bite me in the smooch.

No, but seriously.
It's been - what - nine days or so of me using homoeopathic stuff, keeping the thing under? And for the last two days it seemed like all of the symptoms were gone completely.

Morning, rainy, I go with the General's parents to the Bee Fair to purchase a year's worth of things a beekeeper needs AND G's very first very own hive box. <3 <3 <3 (I have to draw something nasty on it. It's customary for the hives to have a little funny drawing on them, and I painted a lot of his father's, but I wanna do something cute and mean for G, like a big old bear stealing his honey or something :D )

At 12:00 I come home and contact my ride for the lunch party I was asked to photo.
At 12:10 I go pee and it feels funny.
At 12: 25 I somehow need to pee again- not much came out, but the need was overwhelming - but I get the 'stabbed' pain in the clit and I just know. I am fucked. I write to apologise for the cancellation.
I manage to drag myself to the ER.
I BARELY manage to drag myself back. The General helps me get the medicine (amazing how distances in a small town become mindbogglingly vast when you're in pain.) I take the antibiotic and pass out, holding tight my mons Venus to keep it warm and not trickle uncontrollably. 

I'm almost in tolerable pain by now, having woken up and needing to - you guessed it - pee. I also need to eat lots of yogurt, because already I can feel my tummy bacteria protesting - I've bloated and need to burp a lot. There goes the entirety of my va-j-j flora as well. Antibiotics are brutal but by God I would blow the clever old little German dudes that came up with this shit..