Thursday, 8 March 2018

General bought me a set of layers to wear while hiking - a sport's bra, a T-shirt and a hoodie. The sports bra is not for me - everything is packed too tight and gets too moist. The shirt, though, is amazing - feather light and thin and so cool, and the hoodie is beyond awesome. The hood is just large enough to cover my whole head when it's too warm for a cap, and the sleeves are long and cute, with a thumb-slit. I tested the lot returning to Brnica to find my carabiner. It was so sunny and warm I not only wore my windbreaker for the first time this year, but took that off as well. The only downside was the snow, which has turned to ice, which has melted in mush and was almost impossible to walk on without wanting to curse and shout. My feet still hurt unbearably. I've no fucking idea why. Is it possible it's the shoes after all? I'll test this strange theory as soon as it gets dry.