Saturday, 1 January 2011

Last day in '10 town...

Our timing is in teens. Again. Last time it was in teens they had Al Capone and gradually a great depression and shady occult Carnivals - I'll be on the lookout for the next iconic criminal. I think this year was the best yet, but I just think that, because it involved the most new people. The most ironic bit of it is the fact that all of these I've met via FB. Then my birthday happened and I met Drej and Ksenija and Mark came into my life and all my models - and soon I was feeling ridiculously alive. For sure, there were times when I was feeling ridiculously ready to die, but all in all, I now believe that would have been the dumbest, most loserish thing. Of course *now* doesn't count, because *now* I am very happy. Also because for the next year - and even though  namely count them March - to - March, it's safe to say the last one was a wonder and the next one will be... well, we'll sit and watch. And try not to eat too much popcorn. I am about to explode as it is.