Friday, 25 February 2011

4 am and the day begins with Holly's blog, my sensual, sexual, visual, fantasy input, and Drey's blog, my intellectual, literal, challenging, realistic input. The world is as it should be.  :p  In my dreams I've laughed so hard I actually woke up. There will have to be words with that myoclonic twitch of mine. I've lost my upper hand on the subject :)) But inspiring as ever, Holly looks like the "Red" between the Black and the White swans :)))

Couple new interesting sites... I haven't yet gone pass the of point-and-click approach, as the whole sliding, wobbling, zoom in zoom out thing either puzzles me or I simply haven't the right equipment for it (iPad! iPad!),  but this is a gloriously lovely site with another unexpected Harry Potter beauty...( who isn't that ghastly talentless Emma Watson)