Saturday, 12 February 2011

Poor General, it can't be easy on him, knowing that when the shitstorm hits, he could walk home and I could be chainsawing an old ugly bed, after I've just poured a bag of concrete into the toilet. I am not CrankY when I'm having my period, I'm a frigging Kraken. But at least I am never boring.
          But we went onto a nice late lunch and then a chilly, nice walk with the river all filthy (heh. heh heh.) and oil stain swimming by, some dead fish and one black swan. Not too fond of swans, as they tend to bite and chase you, in that order, but this one was still dark, so he was young and nice. No idea how he got here, though. Amazing how such a large bird can fly. Ah, well. That day's done. Today I'm off to a road trip. I pray the weather will be lovely, otherwise we're fracked.