Sunday, 13 February 2011

To have sex with Sepp or not have sex with Sepp... That is the pickle now.

Am in a bit of a creative pickle. Yestereve the kids were watching Mtv and two consecutive songs on a chart that kind of got to me, kicked me in a eerily creative mood. First one is screamy and whiny, but has this good line with a good backbeat to it - Bruno Mars's Granade - for a pivotal moment in the hero's life, when he realizes she's been right all the time and it's time to do something about it, because this is the woman he is literally willing to die protecting; and Adele's Rolling in the deep, which I think is brilliant and the video is sublime and finally we get a good singer that's not anorexic and screechy.
        So, I have a clash of two powerful (pivotal, if you will) scenes in the second part of the book. Last night I wrote how Sepp decides virtually in mid-step to switch sides of allegiance and  goes get Gorgo, who's in class, arms them both and proceeds to bring down the entire school. This silent, sudden cooperation between them is that much more powerful, because they go from being an instructor and a student of an impressive institution, to being two people that are better than that and they disclose the institution for what it really was. It's how the second chapter ends and then the last one begins, as they are already less prone to attaching themselves to authority. 
         HOWEVER. This scene, for all it's charged allegiance and trust, stands this strong ONLY if the two never couple beforehand. Problem is, the way they finally have sex for the first time is also my most powerful sex scene of any book. It's taken them years to get to here and now I have to either deny them this one good time, making their love story angsty thorough the entire span, or I have to find another way. 
         Man do I love literary challenges :D