Saturday, 5 February 2011


Meanwhile, I am getting kind of enchanted by a character from a children's story called Snufkin. It's not just that Urahara is based on him, and the closer I look the more I realize my Gennonsuke is also, it's the whole living-as-a-free-spirit, creature-of-a-foresty-national-park sort of a thing he has going on - something I feel deeply related to. Couple of kids did a movie about him and I think it captures the beauty of its loneliness and the loneliness of its beauty very well. And this is just out of park season.


...Otherwise he looks something like this:

Ah, if only my Butlers mug was really made of metal and my husband didn't prefer indoor toilets...


Anonymous said...

Hello! Its Susanne from Sweden /Jenyfear) I see you have a picture of Mumintrollet. The little one besides him is Lilla My and its from Finland. A very very popular childrens story in many many parts!
Hugs to you from me