Thursday, 24 February 2011

On pretty mornings in other cities, tattoo birthday gifts and why does Byakuya have to be the tragic (when it comes to love) guy in the ansamble?

Today (it was minus 11, btw), the morning was great. I got some good news, but upon return I missed the train by THIS much and had an hour to spend, walking around the city, all misty and bright in winter chill, listening to Hurt's Falls apart... Now what kind of a band calls themselves Hurt?? How can their music be anything but awfully sad?? Though this song I like. For all it's angst, it kind of feels optimistic. And why is every song like this ever/ALWAYS a backsong to a fan-made Advent Children video?? LoL    :p

On the train I began to knit a yellow scarf. I got my green pointy hat and now yellow scarf and ultimately I will make myself a green overcoat. I am most determined to dress myself as Snufkin forever on   :D

          The General, being a radical, has requested a tattoo for his birthday and as we cannot afford the sort he would like, we've simply purchased a basic starter's gear (as the tattoo is mostly tribal) and got my lessons from the Internet, like any insane person would do. I'm a short practice on grapefruits and pig's skin away from drawing on my husband with permanent consequences. Fuck it. It he trusts me, I can't think of anyone better. 

And why IS Byakuya so unlucky in love? As if the guy didn't have enough reasons to be an arse. Hmm...