Wednesday, 2 February 2011

Dreams with Vos and geeky jewelry :P

Another gloriously psycho-schematic (haha) dream starring Arnold Vosloo. I can't help it! His totally unexpected pop-up in one of the best episodes of Bones delivered my wet dreams about that man straight into my main brain cell, and besides - in the dreams the leading male always only looks and talks like him. The overall actions are always that of the General. ;)  Overall, the two are basically the same. They're just the nastiest looking, largest, smartest, most dangerous and gentlest souls I can think of. One in IRL and one in fiction :))
        The dream was about things important to me. We were at a kind of a school-trip and most of the people I know were my classmates, including my family. All my friends were there, but also my sleazy ex husband. Problem was, by the end of the day, we were having some kind of a dinner in a restaurant and I kept leaving because there was some stuff I still wanted to check in the town. But when I asked one of my friends to watch over my camera, they hid or misplaced it and when I asked them to watch over my dog, they allowed her to run after me and get lost and I found her scared and crying in some field in the middle of irrigation channels. When I tried confronting them about it, they started siding with my ex - a zone I simply cannot approach, thus demonstrating a willing, to them a cheap, gratifying betrayal. Some friends, eh? In the dreams this is always the same - the event that actually happened - it is always someone I deemed a friend, joining sides with a man that hurt me - it has happened so often in fact it is a symbol of the cheapest of broken trusts. 
        Having managed to collect my photo gear, left lying around the restaurant, and my dog and some other smaller things, I asked my dad to get everyone (my sister, her mate, dog, mum, etc...) and drive all my things home, so I can finish here what I started. I moved my scouting of the town further down, where this one main street was something like Monaco - something that's really posh in just one long street. I found myself walking alongside to Vos, who was walking to his hotel with a briefcase and an overcoat over his arm. He was very pleasant and would talk to me to cheer me up. I was shy but excited and would talk back, of course, as I always do when I'm nervous, but he found that endearing. Truth is, no matter how lady-like and graceful and sexy I try to act, if I truly like someone, I always mess up the act by being me :)))
         On the way to the hotel, we sided into a smaller, darker street and he went to a jeweler to get golden cufflinks for his suit, ones that resembled some sentimentally important ones he no longer had. We spent about an hour there, me thinking if I should steal anything and wondering how come he doesn't want to buy me anything, since we're here and he is rich and I'm a girl. Turns out, he did get me something later on - not an expensive golden and diamond pendant - which I would never wear, because they always just end up in my jewelry box - but instead a cheap street necklace that I saw once and really really liked: 

This is a caffeine molecule. It is totally something that a closeted geek would appreciate :D  He got me straight as it gets.
          Anyways, moving back to his hotel, my classmates and family were catching up, as it was getting late and it was time to go. I also knew that it was a matter of moments before I get my period and my periods lately are like someone cutting off a head of a rhino. I tried to find Vos, saying bye, but between the hotel lobby, bar, reception and his room, I kept missing him - as he was looking for me to say he had a cool evening also.. Finally we did manage to meet in his room and kind of just looked at one another, knowing that in five minutes someone will barge in - my classmates or the woman bringing the cuffs from the shop or one of his associates.... but we still laughed and said 'fuck it, let's just do this', and took off our clothes in one move, climbed the bed and started falling on it. With an ample amount of lube, which I always carry with me just for moments like these, the initial penetration is awesome and the vacuum it creates makes the rest of the sex mindboggling. It was like a super-quickie, literally no more than three minutes of fast-forward, but it was still perfect. When people finally came to remind us we have previous engagements, we put our clothes back on, laughing. 
          When a seconds later in real world the alarm sounded and the General rolled over to spoon, locking onto my boobs and kissing the back of my head and back, his smell, his warmth, his teasing, it was exactly the same mental tone as the dream. But then the alarm sounded the end of snooze wonderland too, so it was time to stop purring and hit the deck. 
           Ideal start of the day, though. Thank you, brain    :P