Wednesday, 16 February 2011

I've earned/saved up some money to get my ears finally properly pierced, the way I always portray myself having them pierced, but of course I made it only as far as the first art supplies shop and spent all the money on a set of Faber-Castel brush-point pens. I wouldn't have done it so quickly if I didn't happen to be tuning my brain onto projects for Drej, going over and over the Amano artwork, oh so delicate and busy while elegant at the same time... I know his medium is watercolor and plain color pencil, but... I love my new gain.

Not to mention I love the Fissshies!!! Yes, I finally got my Koi pants :D :D :D  And you know what? Fissshies are an excellent way to feel like you're naked while looking real good at the same time :D

Oh, and also - I am officially a jewel thief :D Only iPod Shuffle owners would know better.


Anonymous said...

Love the watercolour and the pen together, its vibrant and lovely.
hope you will add me to twitter soon :) and hope all is well with you and life Xx