Saturday, 12 February 2011

Road trip to K. Bistrica (... Stoney Springs, if you will, only way more lyrical.)

Starbark as co-pilot, we set off today for our first road-trip in EONS. The weather was wintery indeed, but other than that, everything was flawless. A beautiful weekend ride, a mesmerizing scenery, loads of inspiration, planning, plotting and scheming all out future suchlike enterprises. how could we not, with those awesome mountains around us? Hm. What is it about mountains that inspires people so? Oceans I could gather, as we all originated from them, but tall rocks? You see one massive ugly cold hardship and all you can think about is how to get on top. And over.

 The magnificent trap of Alps. This is not the place where you want to end up on a tiresome run...
 The King Alexander hunting cottage, designed by Plečnik, our most talented and praised architect.
 The beasts and the beauties.
 The goulazh with the mandala in the back...

 Jaka's crib ;)
 Barky managed once again to make herself rest like a lamb, tied like a sausage. but by now, if I leave her long enough, she gets bored of waiting to be rescued and just untangles herself.
 The magic kingdom.
 The finishing touch. :)
              We stopped and ate in one of the rural taverns, being served by a kind waitress, friendly cooks and delicious food. This is quite worrisome, as the waiters in the town usually seem like you're bothering them and they're only nice if they already spat into your soup.