Monday, 23 May 2011

New day, new week, new work :D
And in the latest Game of Thrones, The Golden Crown, I suspect Viserys gets it. Ah, well. It was fun while it lasted.
Mental note to check up on the cast of Thor - and somehow manage to actually see that movie OUT of 3D, so that I may actually SEE anything?? The little boy who played Loki (and oddly non-jovial version for a change), who looks like a love child of Jared Leto and Tom Woods, seems like a new face. Unlike Rene Russo, who looks very old and very regal as Frigga. Which was cool. And Idris Elba, somewhere in there....

Must, MUST brush up on my Norse mythology, because it rubs me the rong way to not even remember the names of some of the main blokes - and of course Loki's story, which is by far the coolest and most edgy. Doesn't rub me the right way either to have my last memories of the lot burned into my brain by the gruesome Sandman comics :/  Blewch :S